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A small home studio to record musicians from Professional to beginners.
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Austin Texas - Steiner Ranch (close to Lake Travis)

Address provided when contacted
Professional Home Studio in Austin TX

Home Recording Studio for Local Artists Starting Out

Home base recording studio owned and operated by Joey Ramrez. I am a musician that loves to play and record music.

This home studio came together from years of collecting gear and my experience recording music. I am a percussionist but also can play guitar, keyboards, bass. I want to open up this home studio to help people get profession sounding recordings on a budget.

I feel both professionals and beginners should be able to get good recordings not just to release to the masses but to also have a historic "recording" of musicial growth (young and old). I still have recordings from when I was 12 years old that were recorded with cassette players and I love them. I hope I can help people capture musical moments that they can have for years to come.

Recording hours are flexable, but this is not my only job, but I can work with you on session times and prices.

Gear List:

24 Track Console - Dynamix 3000
DAW - Protools, Atari ST C-Lab

Synth/Keyboards: Moog, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Kurzweil, Emu, various home made modules
Drums set: Ludwig Super Classic, Yamaha Electric drums, various drum sound modules
Cymbals: Zildjian, Wahan
Various Percussion
Guitar: Various Electric guitars, Fender bass, Electric Upright bass, Guitaron, 12 string acoustic guitar
Guitar Amps: Marshall, Fender, Line 6, Gorilla, Pig Nose
Outboard Gear: Misc - Reverb, Compressors, Gate.
Guitar/Bass Sound Modues/Pedals: Line 6, Digitech, Art, Rocktron, Deviever, Boss, various home made pedas
Mics: MXL, AKG, Shure, Blue, Behringer, Audio Technician
Video Game: LSDJ, C64 Messiah, Atari 2600 Syth,

Other misc items

Recording Sample: